Downtime (update 3-22-2022): Self admittedly, I'm pretty rusty as fuck with my coding chops... last major website project I worked on was in 2017. Given this, it has taken time for me to troubleshoot the code, which is primarily at this point just missing re-writing the database and functional PDO queries. Since this site contains by my approximation 500-1000 different queries, it will require an entire overhaul of that syntax to bring it into modern and current form.

I had written a database abstraction layer that had singleton functionality to extend the database services to other classes, but between that not operating as expected on non-class objects and given that the error troubleshooting is difficult to make sense of, I am taking an entirely different approach to bringing the site back up. It will involve commenting out all queries and slowly re-writing them. But first, I want to look back at the design of my database layer first and determine if I feel like it could benefit from a re-write from my various other projects.


Due to low level of demand, this site is not going to be updated in appreciable time, anytime soon. However, I have refined the look and functionality and bit to freshen things up a bit. If demand is high enough, which I doubt it will ever be, an RO2 site may be built. Site "rebuff" might come later... if not: consider this our 12th and final year and we thank you for your support and involvement with this site. However, don't fret, there might be unrelated-projects in the future. If you feel so inclined, please visit our sponsors. For additional resources, don't forget to visit
~fuse (November 6th, 2013)

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