Site down for now due to server move, but will be back!

Update: I apologize in delays with getting ragnarokhq.com back online in archive form. A combination between server-move and corresponding recent health-crisis has precluded me from debugging the HQ source-code to upgrade it to support the changes in PHP v8.0. It has been long-overdue. Barring no further complications arise in my current ongoing recovery (my fourth surgery this year), I hope to have things restored sometime before, or slightly after the new year.

For anyone that still visits the site, I will update the contact form and attempt to get registrations re-enabled. If you happen to have updated database source information from leaked SAKRAY server along with English patches, let me know. Otherwise, the plan will be to keep the domain in legacy/archive lockdown indefinitely, unless updates are possible and should the need arise.

I would like to give a shoutout to blueness with irowiki.org. Without their generosity with hosting of the HQ for the past decade and a half, RagnarokHQ.com would have fallen into the ether (offline) - long ago. This level of generosity cannot be understated.

Finally, it is my goal, capacity permitting to revisit projects and get back into web-development part-time to work on my portfolio and bring myself up-to-speed on the latest advances. I may link-up to these projects, sometime later. I recently purchased NOVA (by Panic!) for MacOS. My motivation primarily comes out of interest, but augmented by the fact my good friend of the past 28 years is recently graduating with his bachelor's of science in programming. More to come...

~fuse (aka. aeth)